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Video Otoscopy
The first part of the evaluation is video otoscopy. 
This checks for any obstructions such as fluid buildup, earwax blockage, punctured eardrums, and any other issues which may contribute to your hearing loss. You can also watch on the monitor as our hearing specialist checks each of your ears, as the video will be projected onto the computer monitor. 
Full Auditory Test
Once in the sound booth, various tones at different frequencies will be played. You will be asked to indicate when you hear the sounds and when you do not. This test will help our specialist assess your type of hearing loss and what degree of hearing loss you are experiencing. 
Explanation of Results
After the tests are completed, our hearing specialist will sit down and discuss your results with you and your partner. During this discussion, you will be encouraged to ask any questions of our hearing specialist. 
Affordable Treatment Options
If you have hearing loss that can be treated with  hearing aids, our hearing healthcare specialist will make recommendations for the right hearing aid for your specific hearing loss, and provide a hearing aid demonstration. 
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