Hearing Loss Affects All Ages. 
Approximately one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss, and nearly half of those older than 75 have difficulty hearing. One in five teenager have some type of hearing loss. One in six adults 18 and older have hearing loss.
Hearing plays a major role in our physical health, emotional health, financial health, and overall quality of life. Yet 750 million+ adults worldwide have hearing loss and 80% let it go untreated, despite research showing increased risk of falls, depression, anxiety, and dementia. 

Even though hearing loss is common the good news is it is treatable!

Your Journey to Better Hearing Starts Here!! 👈😃

Discover How Untreated Hearing Loss is Damaging Your Health!

As we begin to lose our hearing it may seem like those around us aren’t speaking clearly and are beginning to mumble. Find out how this is affecting other areas of your life and damaging your health.
Ready. Set. Hear.
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"Mom was hesitant about getting hearing aids, but once she was tested, educated, and fitted, her life changed. It was like she woke up. Wish we had found Heroes of Hearing sooner! Very professional and caring."

B Lucas

"I wonder why I waited so long. I don't have to have the volume on the TV at 100%... I can attend a Broadway play at the UA and hear ALL the words. People I've told I'm now wearing them are impressed that they couldn't see them... At the end of the 25 minute drive home, I became completely unaware that I had them in my ears."

AZ State Senator

"About 3 1/2 yrs ago I purchased a pair of hearing aides. Not knowing any better, I accepted what was offered. Needless to say, as my hearing worsened, I heard less & less, even with adjustments. I finally grew so discouraged, as I couldn't hear conversations, some days I'd actually be in tears! I finally decided that was it! I was put in contact with Heroes of Hearing. Yes, I can finally hear!! This has been such a fantastic experience for me, I feel I have a new lease on life. I don't have to miss conversations anymore! And, my hearing aides are actually comfortable! I can truly say, being helped by Heroes of Hearing has been a God sent for me."

Barb T.

"Russ Broadhead is a wonderful person and great audiologist. I've been to several different audiologists--by far, Russ provided the most thorough examination, paid great attention to detail, worked with me, answered questions and always found a way to help me. I experience tinnitus, so finding the right person and the right hearing aids is critical to me. You're in good hands with Russ."

Cornelia H.

"My family, friends and coworkers have been repeating things to me for several years now.  Ignoring interaction where conversations were not directed to me I found myself tuning folks out, turns out I have hearing issues in both ears.  Mom jokingly suggested get tested before retirement. Called insurance informed them I was aware I was not hearing well and boom, received my first call from Russell. 
I have been extremely impressed with Russell’s knowledge and experience in the testing process, his professionalism put me at ease right away. He spent at least two hours with me explaining how the inner ear worked, also explained each level of function.He was able to answer all of my questions.  Today I received my aids and again he spent a lot of time with me. Testing making adjustments  
making sure I am getting the best results from my devices.
I would recommend Heroes of Hearing on Ina Road to every and all. GET TESTED FOR ANY TYPE OF RINGING, HISSING NOISE, that is a sure sign something is brewing you do not have to be totally deaf like most people think.
I am so surprised how much I have been missing out on, WOW UNBELIEVABLE 👍 😇"

Deborah A.

"I had a wonderful experience at Heroes of Hearing with Russ. My hearing aids were giving me problems and Russ was able to fix them. When I asked him about buying a new pair he suggested I wait-mine are still good. It was very nice to not feel pressured into buying new one's now. I will be back next year for another tune-up. Thanks Heroes of Hearing and thanks Russ."

Ken K.

"I was highly satisfied with my service at Heroes of hearing I'm from out of town and my hearing aid would not work and I was heading for Mexico and I went to see the EMT here and he was not only able to fix my hearing aid but he also cleaned all the wax out of my ears which was causing my hearing aids to get clogged I will definitely go here again if I have problems when I am in Tucson thank you so much."

Patricia S.

"Although I am not a client at this hearing health care provider, I need to sing their praises for being instrumental in reuniting me with my recently lost brand new digital hearing aid.
Two and a half weeks ago, I lost this extremely valuable brand-new digital hearing aid while dining at a local Tucson restaurant. The hearing aid is critical to my communication and I have been diligently trying to track it down, but to no avail.
Apparently, a thoughtful customer found my hearing aid and returned it to the restaurant next door (Sauce) to the one where I had dined. The thoughtful manager, Allison at Sauce, took the initiative to contact a local business (Heroes of Hearing) that deals with hearing health care. Russell Broadhead, Hearing Instrument Specialist from Heroes of Hearing, was kind enough and diligent enough to track down the hearing aid manufacturer and give them the serial number of the hearing aid to help locate me.
He located my e-mail and I was subsequently contacted and was able to retrieve my new hearing aid at the restaurant. What a miracle and a 'circle of caring' initiated by Alison and brought full circle by Russell!
In this world where reports of anger and bullying seem to get the focus, it is inspiring that Tucson is the home to many heroes. Thank you Russell Broadhead, from Heroes of Hearing, for being one of them."

J Reichman

"I had a wonderful experience with Heroes of Hearing and highly recommend them. Russell was very professional and made the appointment comfortable and at ease. He educated me on hearing and hearing loss and what I need to do to protect my hearing now. 
Excellent service!!"

Alisha N.

"I feel that I need to share the experience that my husband Dean and I experienced with his random call to Heroes of hearing. Here we are, two 70 year olds travelling through Tucson when Dean's hearing aide quit working...
 we knew a few people in town so asked them if they knew anyone to recommend for Dean to see, they didn't, so he randomly picked Heroes of hearing when he Googled hearing problems. When I walked in on the conversation Dean was so frustrated as he said I cannot understand a word she's saying and he hung up. At that point we did not know what he was going to do, around 7 that night Dean gets a phone call from Russell with Heroes of Hearing..Dean couldn't hear him so I took the phone and he explained that he could hear how frustrated Dean was when he ended that phone call with the lady, he felt he just had to call Dean to see if he could help him, which was like a miracle to us. Russell set up a 9am appointment for the next mrng and give us directions on how to get to his office, which was clear on the other side of Tucson from where we were. As we drove there we were both getting a little scared about what we were getting ourselves into.. is this guy for real or is he just going to get us over there and take advantage of us, we just didn't know. Well much to our surprise Russell was so understanding and patient, he checked Dean's hearing aide and said that the microphone had gone out .. he called the company verified Dean getting it there and made arrangements to have it sent back to be fixed...when that was finished we asked if there was any possibility that he may have a spare around there that Dean could use in his left ear because his hear ing was so bad...Well bless Russell, he examined Dean's hearing in that ear and explained to us, in a way no other hearing aid man had explained, how muffled Dean heard voices. Russell then fixed Dean up with a loaner hearing aide that he was able to use with an app on his phone to answer n adjust the sound at a very reasonable cost. It was an amazing experience nothing short of a miracle for us thanks to Russell. Thank you Russell for helping Dean we appreciate it more than you'll ever know we wish you a future filled with success. Heroes of Hearing is fortunate to have you in Tucson.."

Pat B. 
Dean's wife from 
South Dakota.

"Awesome experience with Heroes of Hearing. 
Thanks Russ for testing my hearing today, see you again next year. 
I totally recommend Heroes of Hearing."

Elisa L.

"Russ Broadhead is Very professional and knowledgable..
Explains everything for common comprehension...
Is very personable and concerns for his client"

Karen T.

"First visit to this audiologist. Love the non rushed pace of the appointment and the great detail was paid on my concerns . Everything was explained to me and I got advice on how to proceed on my future appointments and what services are available for me. Definitely recommend this place because of the individualized attention given!"

Mia H.

John G.

"I enjoyed very much the process of coming back to my hearing capabilities with Dr. Russell in Heroes of Hearing."

Hossein R.

Walter S.

Victoria H.

"Had a great learning experience with Heroes of Hearing and I am so great full for the hearing devices that they have fitted me with! It is wonderful to hear again while watching tv and communicating with friends and love ones!"

Gary B.

"I was so impressed with how knowledgeable and thorough Mr. Broadhead the Hearing Instrument Specialist was. He knew all there is to know about my brand of hearing aids. After he tested my hearing I found it had changed since I got my aids several years ago. Everything sounded muffled and I still had to always say “huh?” After a much needed adjustment and cleaning they work better than when new! I am so thankful also for the very helpful information I received and the improvement in my ability to hear better."

Beverley O.

"Excellent! What a great experience"

Jimmy S.

"Great service and was taken care of very quickly."

David J.

"I was looking for a place to get my hearing aids fixed so I called Heroes of hearing Russell answered my call and told me how to get there set me up with a loaner so I can get my hearing aid fixed and I'm very very satisfied."

Dean B.

"I've been using the device for 3 weeks without any issues. The device, service and followup have been beyond all my expectations. The Heroes of Hearing have proven to be my heroes of my hearing."

Andrew F.

"Excellent place, Mr. Russell Broadhead is very polite,careing, and thural.
He explans everything to where you understand.
I had hard time hearing anyone talk the tv was even worse but he did hearing test got me gearing aids an what a BIG difference.I have no oroblem hearing an understanding what people are saying. Tv not full blast an my daughter says bid difference mom.
I wpild reamend Heroes of hearing to everyone."

Judy L.

"For the first time testing my hearing I was quite surprised on the professionalism and customer service relationship Heroes of Hearing offered me. I felt as if I was part of their family! I was able to get an accurate reading and was consulted on best case resolutions for my hearing. I was surprised on the education my hearing had on my health. Such an awesome experience and a great team to work with."

Chad B.

Ruth D.

"They have the best customer service ever! They always greet you with a smile and offer a nice cold water. They listen and understand your needs and then show you your best options. They take great care of you always. They truly are heroes in my ears=D!!!"

Veronica H.

"Appt always on time, given time to go over diffculties I've had with the aids"

Lydia V.

"Great service! If you need your hearing tested or if you need hearing aids, This is the place to go. Russell explained everything I needed to know. Thank you for caring about my hearing."

Chris C.

"Thorough exam nice office efficient and friendly"

Donna O.

"I really was impressed by Russel being very detailed in educating me on the type of hearing loss I have and showing me the graph used to perform the hearing test."

JoJo B.

"Visit very informative. Baseline hearing established. No pressure to buy. Mr. Broadhead was friendly, knowledgeable, and cordial."

Becky B.

"Quick and easy check up! Very nice people, made me very comfortable! Can’t wait to come back!"

Alex J.

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Hearing Instrument Specialist HADR9827

While working for one of the largest corporate hearing practices, Russell saw a shift from patient hearing healthcare to big business and insurance companies focusing on the $$$ rather than the patients needs. Sick of seeing the decline in overall healthcare, Russell left and founded Heroes of Hearing, an independant hearing healthcare clinic, headquartered in Tucson, AZ. Heroes of Hearing is known for treating its patient as real people and not just a number, seeing patience sooner to meet their needs, providing thorough hearing examinations, caring about their patients health and quality of life, and impacting communities changing lives.

"My husband and I reached out to Russell after we have had months of having to repeat ourselves with a dear family member. Russell was amazing- he patiently explained how the ear works, answered our questions about the process, and very gently and respectfully guided us to understanding the kind of hearing loss she was experiencing. He recommended two aids that are invisible but amazing and he has fine-tuned them to work specifically for her unique hearing loss. His caring, followups and expertise have made this an incredible experience for all of us. Plus, she can hear us now!"

Candy Garmon

Throughout his hearing journey Russell has learned the value of listening and treating others as he would like to be treated. As an entrepreneur Russell wears many hats, but his favorites are those of proud husband and father. His family has grown to a whopping 8 children; five beautiful, dramatic daughters and three handsome, energetic sons. And one saintly wife! He loves playing with them and watching them grow. He is a life-long learner and is actively learning the secrets to creating a thriving life and is on a mission to impact the world and help others create a legacy of a life well lived!
Heroes of Hearing services the following hearing aid brands: Starkey, Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, Signia, Seimens, Resound, Audibel, NuEar & Widex. 


Russell grew up among the red rocks of St. George, Utah. He earned his Eagle Scout at 13, played trumpet in the Jazz Band, and played every sport he could. 

While attending Pine View High he played basketball, football, and ran track. Upon graduation he served a two year humanitarian and ministering mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Harare, Zimbabwe. 

He learned how to work hard from his blue collar parents and caught the entrepreneurial bug while attending Utah State University. Just before graduation he met the love of his life Jenny. They both earned their degrees in May 2005 and were married that September.


Russell’s journey into the hearing field has been a winding one. As a newlywed he found it difficult to find work in his chosen field (Graphic Design) that didn’t require a college degree AND three years experience. Because of this he founded RB Studios [later rebranded as Castlebridge Films] a video production company specializing in special occasion and business films. 

In 2012, Russell was introduced to the world of hearing healthcare by a friend. After months of intensive training he became licensed in Illinois and was asked by one of the largest privately owned hearing practices in the US to run their 3rd oldest clinic. The family of now six moved to Chicago, IL and made some lifelong friends. 

After four successful years Russ began to notice subtle changes coming down from corporate. He had always enjoyed the friendships he was able to form with his patients and strove to provide the best service possible. But now the powers that be were shifting their focus from patient healthcare to dollar signs. The writing was on the wall that the company was going to be sold and anyone could be on the chopping block. This uncertainty caused him to resign and seek out an opportunity for growth and the ability to support his growing family. 
In 2016 the family of now eight (!) moved to Tucson, AZ to begin a new hearing practice from scratch. This new company promised equity and a chance to expand, however that turned out to be more smoke and mirrors. Thoroughly frustrated Russ resigned and he and Jenny did some major soul searching. 

In 2018 Russell started his own independent hearing practice, Heroes of Hearing. Now he would be able to help his patients to the best of his ability without answering to ‘the man’. 

Traditional healthcare has become a numbers game and a huge problem. Practitioners are scheduled months out and patients wait for hours in a crowded waiting room. Once they are finally seen they are often treated like a number and have mere minutes of face time. They often return home confused and frustrated. 

With these challenges in mind, Russell founded Heroes of Hearing which prides itself on their ability to offer prompt, personalized service that keeps the needs of the patient as their number one priority.


As an entrepreneur Russell wears many hats, but his favorites are those of proud husband and father. His family has grown to a whopping 8 children; five beautiful, dramatic daughters and three handsome, energetic sons. And one saintly wife! He loves playing with them and watching them grow. 

Russ is passionate about personal development and assisting others achieve their goals and make their dreams become reality. His overall mission in life is to assist others to become whole, which involves more than just improving their hearing.


One of the ‘elephants in the room’ in our world today is the reality of human trafficking. We are proud to offer support to Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit that physically goes into different countries and sets up and executes sting operations to rescue kids from sex trafficking and human slavery. 

Another organization we support is Save the Kids, which helps save kids from teen suicide and social media addiction. 

Heroes of Hearing is humbled to be able to support these two amazing organizations who strive to support and improve the lives of the innocent children of the world. 

Heroes of Hearing Hearing

3275 W Ina Rd
STE 117
Tucson, AZ 85741

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